D-Mannose is a naturally occurring saccharide which may support the urinary tract. Supports intestinal, metabolic and immune health.

This product is available exclusively from Inner Strength's Practitioner range, by either:

  • Providing a script or referral documentation from a qualified health professional
  • For clients registered in our database or working with an Inner Strength practitioner
  • Through a complimentary phone consultation to discuss your needs and if this product is suitable.

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50 Grams

D-mannose works to support the healthy physical defense mechanism of the urinary tract and bladder. D-Mannose discourages potentially harmful bacteria from sticking to the epithelial cells that line the bladder and urinary tract walls. By binding to bacteria, the bacteria remain free in the urine and are eliminated upon urination. The body then washes them away, so they can be excreted to support urinary tract health. Preventing colonisation of bacteria on human mucosal tissues is now recognised as an important step in maintaining healthy function of the urinary system.

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