What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathic medicine focuses on promoting health and involves:

  • Treating you as a system or whole person, rather than breaking you down into parts like a machine. There is a complex interaction between your nervous, digestive, immune, hormonal, and emotional systems, and therefore it can be ineffective to treat one system in isolation.Ā 
  • Highly individualised treatment plans, tailored to meet your individual needs, because your biochemistry is unique to you.
  • A primary focus on prevention of illness, enhancing your health, and addressing predisposing, exacerbating and sustaining causes of illness.
  • Treatment using the best available, evidence-based natural medicine, involving a combination of nutrition, herbal medicine, and vitamin and mineral supplementation.
  • Complementary to conventional medicine. By encouraging integration between conventional and natural medicine individuals are empowered to achieve and maintain wellness.