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Raw Nutrients Organic Camellia Oil

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Organic Camellia Oil has fantastic absorption and deeply penetrates the layers of the skin to provide a deep rich moisturising as an under layer to your normal skin care creams. It activates a gene promoter in your skin cells called COL1A2 which starts the production of collagen type I. It also prevents the breakdown of collagen by inhibiting the enzyme matrix metalloproteinase MMP-1.

Collagen production is the key to anti ageing, so by stimulating the production of collagen with my Organic Camellia Oil you will quickly see results with fine lines and wrinkles reducing and you'll fight off new wrinkles caused by ageing.

Reverse the ageing damage to your skin by stimulating collagen production

Reverse Ageing Skin Infographic

How to use our Organic Camellia Oil?

Apply topically morning and night.