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M&R Essentials Certified Organic White Tea Toner

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Our White Tea Toner stars a powerful combination of White tea extract, Rose geranium, Rose otto, Liquorice extract, Blackberry fruit extract and purified New Zealand water. The end product is a toner which seals in moisture whilst lifting and tightening the skin.

If you suffer from acne prone skin and tend to start using more makeup to cover it (worsening the problem), you'll love our amazing White Tea Toner and as a result of making it a crucial part of your daily routine, you will see reduced acne and skin blemishes which will allow you to apply less makeup.

The certified organic ingredients have been specifically chosen for these reasons:

  • White tea extract, targets wrinkles and restores firmness of skin from the inside regeneration and helps enhance skin’s elasticity.
  • Rose geranium, wonderfully soothes skin and leaves a pleasing fragrance
  • Rose otto, organic certified, softens and nourishes dry skin wanting deep moisturization
  • Liquorice extract, a traditional Ayurvedic herb, lightens skin appearance to restore its radiance.
  • Blackberry fruit extract, an anti wrinkle ingredient, maintains elasticity and hydrates for healthy looking skin.
  • Purified NZ water, gently cleanses and removes impurities that irritate skin.