A Zinc Supplement to Assist Where There is a Deficiency of Zinc in the Diet.
  • To assist where there is a deficiency of zinc in the diet.1
  • For use when Zinc Tally Test indicates a category 1 or 2.
  • Easy dosing of teaspoon a day.

Clinical Benefits
  • Fast absorption: Zinc Drink contains zinc sulfate in an aqueous solution that is highly bioavailable for fast repletion of zinc levels.2 An animal study suggests that the high bioavailability of liquid zinc sulfate may be owed to the activation of passive absorption via brush border membranes.3
  • Supports healthy immune function: A dietary zinc deficiency impairs healthy functioning of the immune system, increasing the susceptibility to infection. Zinc is essential for meditating non-specific immunity such as neutrophils and NK cells and affecting the development of acquired immunity and T-lymphocyte function.4

WARNING: Do not take without diluting.


Adults: Take 1.0 mL ( metric teaspoon) per day in 100mL of water or juice.

Certain patients experience transient nausea or dizziness on taking Zinc Drink. If so, take with a meal.


Each 1.0 mL ( metric teaspoon) contains:

Zinc sulfate

50.0 mg

Equivalent elemental zinc

11.3 mg

Magnesium chloride

20.8 mg

Equivalent elemental magnesium

2.5 mg

Pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6)

2.5 mg

Contains Potassium sorbate