Metagenics Ultra Flora NeuroSupport

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Metagenics Ultra Flora NeuroSupport contains researched probiotic strains to restore a healthy stress response.

  • Supports a healthy stress response1and gut-brain axis function.
  • Supports mood and emotional wellbeing.
  • Contains clinically researched, live probiotic strains with no refrigeration required.



For mental wellbeing and mood: Take 1 capsule daily.
To support neuroendocrine function and a healthy stress response: Take 2 capsules daily.


Each capsule contains:

Lactobacillus paracasei (Lpc-37™) 8.75 billion CFU (organisms)
Lactobacillus plantarum 299v 10 billion CFU (organisms)

Free from animal products, dairy protein, lactose, eggs, gluten, wheat, nuts and soy protein. Free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.


Vegetable capsules (VegeCaps) may be preferred by people wishing to avoid gelatin for health or religious reasons.