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Raw Nutrients Skin Balance Balm

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What are Inflammatory Skin Disorders?

Skin inflammation is the external sign that things aren’t quite right below the surface. Dermatitis (atopic and contact) and hives are examples of allergy based skin disorders. Seborrheic dermatitis and rosacea involve skin microorganisms that cause inflammatory reactions and Psoriasis and Acne are also examples of inflammatory reactions.

Inflammatory skin disorders can be managed both by medicinal means as well as changes to lifestyle factors such as diet and stress management. Many studies have shown that stress reducing actions such as relaxation, meditation and food sensitivity avoidance along with taking the correct supplements can manage these disorders well.

What is Skin Balance Balm?

Skin Balance Balm has been developed as a topical long term daily use cream (unlike harmful steroids). It is certified organic, assists with many types of skin irritations including itchy and inflamed skin, is fantastic for cracked lips, contains antibacterial and anti-fungal oils, is suitable for all skin types and can even be used to treat and reduce nappy rash.


Apply Skin Balance Balm liberally to the inflamed skin areas up to x times a day.

Skin Inflammatory Disorders are uncomfortable and depending on severity can be absolutely unbearable and debiitating. For severe cases please make sure you seek medical help along with addressing lifestyle factors and some of the vitamin deficiencies you may be experiencing.


  • Certified Organic Balm Base (bees wax, coconut oil, sunflower oil, jojoba oil, cocoa butter, sheanut butter, evening primrose oil, natural vitamin E) 25ml
  • Certified Organic Comfrey Infused Oil 2ml
  • Certified Organic Arnica Infused Oil 1.5ml
  • Certified Organic Blend (Rosemary, lemon scented tea, eucalyptus blue mallee, lemon myrtle, niaouli) 1ml
  • Manuka Honey 0.5ml