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M&R Essentials Probiotic Foot Powder

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What causes foot odour?

Smelly feet occurs when foot perspiration has no where to evaporate, some shoes can be worse than others for causing this environment. However it is not actually the sweat that causes the smell, it is bacteria that lives on the feet that consumes the feet's sweat producing isovaleric acid, causing the awful smell and can lead to other foot conditions. Athletes foot which is a skin condition caused by fungus can also cause the smell.

There are many products on the market that are used to mask the smell, but for me this does not provide a solution for the problem itself, hence why I developed my Probiotic Foot Powder.

I've included 11 specific probiotic strains that provide over 50 billion live cells (CFU) that ensure that your feet have the right bacteria and fight off the odorous causing bad bacteria. Using this products provides a solution and not just a way to mask the smell keeping your feet and it's good bacteria in tip top shape.

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For external use only.

Sprinkle a spoonful of M&R Probiotic Foot Powder into your footwear daily for at least 7 consecutive days, then intermittent treatment to control odour.

Effect enhanced with daily use.

Patch test prior to use.

Store below 30C


  • Corn starch* - a natural binding agent
  • Sodium bicarbonate
  • Zinc oxide BP
  • (Probiotics (7 strains LACTOBACILLUS, 4 strains BIFIDOBACTERIUM) - maintains optimum bacterial flora to enhance odour elimination
  • Tea Tree Oil*
  • Eucalyptus Oil*
  • Peppermint Oil*
  • Lemongrass Oil*

*certified organic