Heel - Euphorbium Compositum (Nasal Spray)

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Heel - Euphorbium Compositum (Nasal Spray) 20mL is an anti-inflammatory and antiviral fast acting therapeutic treatment for acute sinusitis and chronic sinusitis, as well as chronic nasal discharge and rhinitis. The liquid formulation can also be sprayed on dry or inflamed nasal passages for alleviating sinusitis. Plus, it is designed to promote nasal respiration often inhibited by adverse allergic reactions.

Heel - Euphorbium Compositum (Nasal Spray) 20mL also supports maintenance of the glue ear. It works for the dissolution of the coryza and relief of sinus pressure in the frontal areas. In total, the spray provides benefits:

  • Acts as an effective substitute to standard nasal sprays
  • Consists of scientifically-tested antiviral properties
  • Proven effective by clinical demonstrations
  • Can be used in conjunction with other natural or standard medications
  • Tolerated by majority of individuals
  • Effective for both acute and chronic conditions
  • Supports symptom relief as effects of decongestants wear off
  • Can be used long term
  • Contains a non addictive and non habit forming formula
  • Suitable for the whole family (children must be ages 2 and above)

The Action of Antihistamines

Antihistamines are used for the treatment of symptoms associated with allergies including sneezing, itching and watery eyes. It can also treat insect bites and inflammatory conditions of the skin. If you are unsure of which antihistamine would suit you best please contact our pharmacist.


Each 1 gram contains:
Argentum nitrate 10x 10mg, Euphorbium 4x 10mg, Luffa operculata 4x 10mg, Pulsatilla 4x 10mg, Mercury biiodatus 12x 10mg.