Maintaining a healthy Kidney for better Lifestyle

Kidneys are most important and the hardest working organs in the body. The speciality of kidneys because it is a filter system. Kidneys filter 180 liters of blood 40 times every 24 hours. 

Did you know that kidneys do multiple functions in our organism? It is important to know how a healthy kidney function actually works. 

  •  It keeps a good balance of water and minerals such as sodium, potassium in your blood.
  • It specially makes renin which helps manage your blood pressure.
  • It removes waste from your blood. (after digestion, muscle activities, and also after the exposure to chemicals or medications) 
  • To make red blood cells it is making a chemical called erythropoietin. 
  • Helping bone health and other bodily functions by making an active form of vitamin D.

How much do you know about kidney diseases? Let’s find out.

Common Kidney Diseases

1.Kidney stones 

As we know kidneys keep a good balance of water and minerals, but if those minerals and other materials in your blood may begin to crystallize in your kidney. It usually becomes particles or stones which pass out of your body in urine. It is extremely painful when a stone passes out with urine. If these kidney stones begin to crystallize frequently, it may lead to Acute kidney failure. 

2. Polycystic kidney disease

It is a more serious condition as it is a genetic disorder which causes many cysts, fluid round sacs, to grow inside and surface of your kidneys by interfering with kidney function. 

3. Chronic kidney disease 

The major cause for this chronic kidney disease is because of High blood pressure. As we all know, kidneys do a special task by removing toxins, wastes and extra water on our blood by half a cup of blood per minute. Because of the High blood pressure, kidney function can not do their job properly, or otherwise you will have to depend on dialysis. 

When High blood pressure causes chronic kidney disease, Diabetes also affects the kidneys. Eventually it will lead to kidney failure. 

4. Glomerulonephritis ( Glomerular disease) 

It causes an inflammation of glomeruli where microscopic structures inside your kidneys perform their filtration of your blood. This disease may require medications or otherwise it may get better on its own. 

Common symptoms of Kidney diseases

  1. May have difficulty or painful urination
  2. Weakness in your body
  3. Fatigue
  4. Pink or dark urine 
  5. Increased thirst
  6. Need to urinate often, especially at night.
  7. High blood pressure
  8. Shortness of breath
  9. Missing menstrual periods

Healthy steps to follow to have a healthy kidney

  1. Maintain a good diet by choosing healthy foods.
  2. Get enough sleep before starting your day.
  3. Avoid smoking, and drinking alcohol. 
  4. Manage if you already have diabetes, high blood pressure or heart diseases by taking medicines as prescribed. 
  5. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated for a day. 
  6. Exercise regularly.
  7. Reduce salt intake. 
  8. Avoid over the counter painkiller intake.
  9. Have a good weight according to BMI range.

Supporting supplements for Kidney 

According to healthy steps, we can maintain a healthy lifestyle by having a healthy kidney. If you are already victims of kidney diseases, we introduce our supplements that may help support kidney diseases. 

    It is important to consult a healthcare professional before starting new supplements. 


    To maintain a healthy kidney, you can follow the healthy tips we provided in this blog. It is very important to keep kidney health in good condition because it's doing a great task by filtering your blood by removing waste and extra water. Kindly remind you to take necessary supplements after your family doctor or any healthcare professional opinion.